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Leiden University Medical Center

Leiden University (founded in 1575) is one of Europe's leading international research-intensive universities.

The LUMC is one of the leading centres in the Netherlands with respect to stem cell transplantation and serves a European function with respect to island cell transplantation, solid organ transplantation and mesenchymal stem cell transplantation. The LUMC was awarded special government funding to develop regenerative medicine and has a strong record on MSC research encompassing the complete area of basic, preclinical and translational research and performance of clinical trials and holds licenses for harvesting, manipulating and exporting (stem) cell products.

Role in project:

The Leiden University Medical Centre will participate in the design and conduct of the BOOSTB4 clinical trial. LUMC will:

  • Identify pregnancies with fetuses affected by OI and neonates/children with OI and recruit to the study for intervention;

  • Perform prenatal transplantation of fetal MSC to treat OI.


Contributing staff:

  • Professor Dick Oepkes

  • Professor Jaap J Zwaginga

  • Ms Berbara Kool

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