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MedSciNet has for more than 15 years provided over 100 advanced applications for medical research and registries all over the world. More than one million patients have been entered into MedSciNet’s applications and more than 15 million patient records have been submitted. MedSciNet has provided the applications as well as an operational environment (Operation, Maintenance and Support) for two FP7 EU-projects as well as for WHO’s Global Survey on Maternal and Perinatal Health. The servers are located in Stockholm, Sweden and accessed via the Internet with no hardware or software necessary at the customer sites except a PC, tablet or Smart Phone and an Internet connection.

Role in project:

MedSciNet will be responsible for creating the clinical database IT-application as well as providing Operation, Maintenance and Support during the whole project. In addition, MedSciNet will:

  1. Create a Web-based environment for data collection, storage, analysis and feedback.

  2. Provide analysis tools for database information analysis.


These tasks will be performed by MedSciNet’s IT specialists using MedSciNet Application Generator, CTF (Clinical Trial Framework). CTF contains a large number of standard functions that eliminate most of the coding: The application is generated based on a large number of specification parameters that are agreed upon between the customer and MedSciNet. The specification parameters then are the controlling metadata for the final application.

The challenge for MedSciNet in the BOOSTB4 project is to combine several sources of input: manually entered data using PCs and tablets, advanced data analysis functionality as well as providing administrative tools for this multi-country, multi-site project.

Throughout the duration of the project, MedSciNet will provide support and technical advice to the rest of the project in order to make sure that the project will be successful.

Contributing staff:

Svetlana Karpovice 

Marius Kublickas 

Laima Rebaodo 

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