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PharmaLex Sweden

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Pharmalex Sweden (PLX) is a consultancy and research company specialising in health economic evaluations and generation of real-life evidence-data for pharmaceuticals and medical technologies. The company was founded in 2003 and since then has completed a large number of successful reimbursement and market access projects in the Nordic countries and conducted a comprehensive list of studies that have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

The staff members have backgrounds in the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmacy profession and academic research institutes. Strong emphasis is placed upon professional excellence, and every member of the staff holds a PhD degree within health economics, pharmacology, epidemiology or medicinal science. PLX offers an array of scientific grade services in prospective and retrospective health economics and outcomes research, for example: strategic advice on health economics, health economic assessment through modelling, designing and analysing health-economic studies alongside clinical trials, designing and conducting studies for generation of real-life evidence; including both prospective and retrospective studies, and preparation of health economics dossiers for applications to reimbursement benefits boards.

PLX has also conducted a large number of cost-of-illness studies and cost-effectiveness analyses in our function as a consultancy company.

Role in project:

PLX will undertake the role of providing health economic expertise and will work in close collaboration with other partners. PLX will:

  1. Identify the health care resource use to be collected;

  2. Elicit unit costs relevant for the respective countries, and;

  3. Perform health economic analyses based on the study results.

Contributing staff: 

Annabelle Forsmark_PharmaLex.jpg

Dr Annabelle Forsmark

Dr Ingela Björholt

Dr Fredrik Olson

Dr Daniel Granfeldt

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fredrik olson_PharmaLex.jpg
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